A turbocharger’s job is to pump more air into the combustion chamber, allowing the engine to produce more horsepower without increasing its size.

As a result, a turbocharger can be classified as a forced induction system or mechanism. It forces more air into the engine than normal atmospheric conditions would allow.

The turbocharger obtains its power from the turbine. This should not be confused with a supercharger, which generates power by mechanical means.

The force in the exhaust flow spins a turbine wheel, which is one of the components found within a turbo system. The compressor wheel is subsequently spun by the turbine wheel. The compressor’s job is to take massive amounts of air from the atmosphere and compress it.

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Signs of Turbocharger wear include:

  • The stench of burning gasoline
  • A noticeable loss of power 
  • A whining sound that gets louder as the engine speed increases
  • Excessive smoke from the exhaust pipe

Other reasons can potentially contribute to a turbocharger’s failure. These elements include:

  • Carbon build-up 
  • Failure of the bearings
  • Insufficient or improper lubrication 
  • Induction system debris

Almost all turbocharger issues can be resolved. It’s more vital to figure out what’s wrong with the turbocharger and how to fix it.

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